Shenzhen starts offering Kangtai COVID booster shots


Published: Feb 24, 2022

SHENZHEN started offering free COVID-19 booster shots to residents who had their first two shots of the vaccine produced by Shenzhen-based Kangtai Biological Products Co. Ltd. on Tuesday, according to Shenzhen Special Zone Daily.

Residents aged 18 and older who had two shots of the inactivated Kangtai COVID-19 vaccine at least six months ago can book for a booster shot via the “深圳卫建委” (szwjwwx) WeChat account.

A man is administered a booster shot of the Kangtai COVID-19 vaccine in an unidentified site Tuesday. Yang Shaokun

According to the Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission, in principle, those who have received two shots of the Kangtai COVID-19 vaccine are ineligible to receive a booster shot developed by other brands.

Shenzhen started to use the Kangtai vaccine in June last year. As of now, the vaccine has been supplied to many provinces and regions across the country. On Feb. 19, the national health authority approved the Kangtai booster shots.

A view of several doses of the Kangtai COVID-19 vaccine. File photo

On Tuesday, a citizen surnamed Wang said that he went to a vaccination site in Guangming District for a booster shot immediately after learning of its availability.

A paper published on the National Medical Journal of China in January suggested that on the seventh day of the Kangtai vaccine booster jab, neutralizing antibody titers rose rapidly to more than 20 times higher than before the booster shot.

The antibody titers remained at a high level until the 28th day, which was more than 30 times higher than before inoculating the booster shot, according to Li Dong, head of Kangtai’s vaccine development department.

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