First, post: sales representative
Position monthly salary: 3000-5000 yuan / month Work location: sales areas of various provinces and cities nationwide
Release date:2017-9-2 Nature of work: Full time
Work experience: no limit Minimum education: junior college
Recruitment number: a number of job categories: sales representatives
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for carrying out promotion activities of company products in designated areas, to achieve sales growth and market share of the company's products;
2. According to the annual sales target, it is decomposed into quarterly and monthly targets, and the establishment of sales targets and customer expansion goals is completed on schedule;
3. Visited the CDC and POV to coordinate the relationship with customers, solve practical problems, expand company product coverage, and increase product sales;
5. Provide customers with professional product services, product promotion, and maintain company image;
6. Responsible for collecting, sorting out, reporting market information and competitors' information, doing a good job of market research report, and reporting back to the superior level in time;
7. Establish, improve and update customer appointments in accordance with company requirements, and do a good job in customer resource management;
8. Assist the company in carrying out regional promotion and publicity activities according to market conditions;
9. Timely feedback to the vaccination population to use the company's products related information.
job requirements:
1, 2017 graduates or 2018 graduates internships, male or female;
2, college degree or above, marketing, medicine, biology and other related majors;
3, good image quality, good language communication and logical thinking ability, quick thinking;
4, have good teamwork ability and coordination ability, love the sales work, have a strong sense of professionalism and sense of responsibility;
5, have a sense of confidentiality, have a good work ethic, and have a strong ability to endure hardship.
Other benefits: Induction is the top five insurance and one gold (except the intern, the intern applies personal accident insurance).
Second, post: International cooperation commissioner
Position Monthly Salary: 4000-6000 Yuan/month Work Location: Beijing-Daxing
Release date:2017-9-2 Nature of work: Full time
Work experience: 2-3 years Minimum education: Bachelor
Recruitment number: 1 person Job category: International Cooperation Commissioner
Job Responsibilities:
1.Acquisition, translation and supplementation of overseas registration data of vaccines according to different national registration requirements;
2. Confirmation of product quality registration standards;
3. Responsible for tracking the registration progress of overseas agents or other drug regulatory agencies;
4. Responsible for the visit and reception of his country's drug administration department;
5. Responsible for product export declaration and inspection.
job requirements:
1. Recruit college degree or above, major in international trade, biotechnology, pharmacy, and English;
2. Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing, and more than six priority;
3. Have strong communication skills.
Third, post: business commissioner / sales office
Position monthly salary: 5000-7000 yuan / month Working location: Beijing - Daxing
Release date: 2017-9-2 Nature of work: full time
Work experience: 2-3 years Minimum education: Bachelor
Recruitment number: 1 person Job category: Business Specialist
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the management of accounts and bills with customers;
2. Responsible for maintaining and promoting the business relationship between the company and the customer;
3, track and maintain the provincial procurement platform, responsible for order management;
4. Responsible for the signing and management of sales contracts;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.
job requirements:
1. College degree or above, business management, financial management, marketing, bioengineering and related majors;
2, have a certain financial basis, will operate UFIDA ERP software priority;
3, skilled operation of common office software;
4. Have strong data statistics, analysis ability and ability to analyze and solve problems;
5. Understand simple legal knowledge related to business;
6, have a certain business letter writing ability;
7. Strong communication and coordination skills, strong sense of responsibility, careful and careful work, able to withstand the pressure of work.
4. Position: Clinical Observer CRA
Position Monthly Salary: RMB 8,000/month Work Location: Beijing-Daxing
Release date:2017-9-2 Nature of work: Full time
Work experience: 2-3 years Minimum education: Bachelor
Recruitment number: 1 person Job category: Clinical Observer
Job Responsibilities: 
1, responsible for the development of appropriate clinical programs, organization and implementation of clinical trials, preparation of clinical reports;
2. Conduct clinical trials in accordance with SFDA requirements to ensure the successful completion of product registration;
3. Manage the test progress according to the time limit of the company.
job requirements: 
1. Bachelor degree or above in biology, medicine, and laboratory related fields;
2. Experience with vaccine clinical, registration or R&D is preferred;
3. Have good writing and language skills, be good at communicating with people, and have strong team awareness;
4, good health, can meet the requirements of the post.
V. Position: Water production
Position Monthly Salary: 6000-8000 Yuan/month Work Location: Beijing-Daxing
Release date:2017-9-2 Nature of work: Full time
Work experience: 2-3 years Minimum education: junior college
Recruitment number: 1 person Job type: Water production
First, job responsibilities:
1. According to the GMP standard, according to the process requirements, strictly follow the production process and equipment SOP operation, for the workshop production of purified water, water for injection and pure steam.
2. Provide production medium that meets quality requirements and assist QA inspectors to complete on-site quality supervision and sampling.
3, according to the SOP regulations require regular maintenance of the workshop water, pure steam generator, maintenance and repair, maintenance; timely, accurate and complete fill in the production and operation records, maintenance records.
4, the equipment shift record is accurate, found equipment operation failure, notify the workshop, have the right to stop the operation, immediately eliminate the fault.
5. Responsible for assisting the equipment supplier's maintenance personnel to perform maintenance and handling of major mechanical equipment failures; major maintenance items need to be well documented and placed in equipment files.
6. Responsible for the storage of tools, meters, and temporary drugs used on the site, grasping the knowledge of equipment and pipeline disinfection and sterilization, and mastering the maintenance knowledge in the clean factory environment.
7. According to the operation status of the water production equipment, the demand plan for equipment maintenance and related spare parts is proposed, and specific maintenance and maintenance are implemented according to the approved maintenance plan, and the equipment after the production is cleaned and cleaned up.
8. Combine this post to continuously learn new knowledge, a special and versatile, understand the performance of the company's water equipment, understand the purpose, understand the principle, understand the structure; will use, will maintain, will eliminate the fault, participate in the company's business and technical training on time , holders of posts.
Second, job requirements:
1. Education: Secondary school, technical school or above; electrical, automation, machinery and other related professional; familiar with modern office equipment.
2. Relevant work experience: 2 years of experience in water supply equipment operation.
3. Familiar with the requirements of the national GMP for plant facilities and public works, and be familiar with the performance of the process water equipment.
4, better coordination ability; certain analysis ability; have emergency handling ability, solve water equipment failure; have a strong sense of quality; good at learning new technologies and methods, strong ability to use computers and access to information.