Du Weimin - Chairman
Company founder

Biotechnology and information technology are the core technologies of the world's science and technology in the 21st century. As the backbone of the Chinese vaccine industry, Minhai always takes responsibility and mission as the first priority. Through hard work, it has gathered a group of industry elites who are determined to develop quickly and innovatively in the Chinese vaccine industry. Minhai firmly grasps the technical commanding heights of the world's vaccine science and technology and builds the Great Wall of Health Protection for the nation. Minhai employees generally have bachelor degree or above, and have decades of experience in R&D and production. They are pragmatic, integrated, and innovative. We will realize the industrialization of vaccine products one after another and serve the people; we will integrate science and technology to serve the country and the industry to serve our country in our own business. Minhai has grown from a workshop laboratory at the beginning of its founding to a large number of technical backbones and has nearly 600 employees specialized in vaccine R&D and manufacturing. Minhai's quality system has effectively absorbed the advantages of the US FDA and the European Union's quality management system model, strictly implemented the new national GMP standards, and fully digested and absorbed the experience of integrated R&D and industrialization management of Merck & France Pasteur related products, exploring A road of vaccine development with an international perspective, conforming to China's national conditions, taking R&D as a guide, and highly efficient industrialization has emerged.
Minhai's products include the domestic 863 project transformation project - a complete cell-free whitebait b-type Haemophilus influenza vaccine combined with independent intellectual property rights, and the gold standard that has been exclusively introduced from France Sanofi Pasteur. Diploid cell rabies vaccine and Dutch INTRAVACC inactivated polio vaccine and many other products. We are working closely with a number of strategic partners including the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Developing Countries Vaccine Alliance (DCVMN) to explore new areas for high-end vaccine development.
It is this great era that has given us the opportunity for the vigorous development of our business. We have created a well-known Chinese brand in the world of vaccine development and production. Let China's vaccine products not only serve the people of the country but also serve all humanity. We do our best and work tirelessly, treat our technology with the utmost rigour, and treat the quality of our products. Minhai has a simple but persistent corporate culture. "Do not relocate, don't get lucky, don't delay, do things honestly, be honest and be honest" is the basic principle that we do technology to make products. The Minhai has always had a firm goal, a solid pace of development, and the realization of the ideal of "relying on the economy, the people, and the sea".