I. Talent Concept
- Talent is the core strength of the company's development and the foundation for sustainable development. The principle of employing people is "the ability of the people, the level of the equality, and the mediocrity."
――The employees with excellent moral character, good physical and mental health, and skilled and continuous innovation are Kangtai’s greatest assets.
―― Kangtai is committed to providing fair and equitable employment and development opportunities to all levels of society and providing employees with superior compensation and benefits.
Second, the talent criteria:
1, Germany - good moral character, physical and mental health, positive thinking;
2, can - strong execution, no procrastination, no luck, no relocation;
3, diligent - diligent, dedicated, hard-working willing to learn, take the initiative to guard;
4, performance - problem solving, customer orientation, achievement orientation.
3. Each employee joins based on the realization of Kangtai's dreams. Through hard work and talents for growth in the work, they can all obtain different development opportunities. Kangtai follows the law of talent growth and continuously acquires and promotes outstanding employees based on objective and fair evaluation results.