Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine (Adenovirus Vector) licensed for manufacturing


SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The other day Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co., Ltd. announced that the company and AstraZeneca signed the “Amendment 1 to License Agreement”. In addition to authorizing BIOKANGTAI to commercialize its Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine(Adenovirus Vector) in Chinese mainland, AstraZeneca has also authorized BIOKANGTAI to commercialize the vaccine in Pakistan and Indonesia. AstraZeneca provides the necessary support for BIOKANGTAI to obtain emergency use and marketing authorization in the licensed areas. BIOKANGTAI has also recently renewed the “Manufacturing License” to extend the scope of manufacturing at the company’s Shenzhen Guangming Base: Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine (Adenovirus Vector).

According to the statistics of Our World in Data, as of September 2, 2021, Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine(Adenovirus Vector) jointly developed by AstraZeneca and University of Oxford has been approved for use in 185 countries around the world. Previously, in August 2020, BIOKANGTAI and AstraZeneca signed the “License Agreement”, and AstraZeneca exclusively authorized BIOKANGTAI to develop, manufacture and commercialize Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine(Adenovirus Vector) in Chinese mainland; in November 2020, both parties unveiled Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine(Adenovirus Vector) manufacturing workshop together at the 3rd China International Import Expo; in February 2021, trial production was started at the workshop.

Through the signing of this Amendment, BIOKANGTAI and AstraZeneca will expand the commercialization of Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine(Adenovirus Vector) to overseas market, laying a foundation for the local registration and sales of the product. Meanwhile, BIOKANGTAI also has sufficient manufacturing capacity and conditions, and is expected to export the finished products to Indonesia, Pakistan and other countries in the future, which will ease the shortage of vaccine supply, and contribute to improving the accessibility and affordability of vaccines worldwide, especially in developing countries.

SOURCE Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co.,Ltd.