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Quadruple vaccine is an ideal alternative to Baidubai
WhyisthequadruplevaccineidealforreplacingDPA?Thereasonsareasfollows: First,asshowninthecomparisonofAEFItestdata:TheincidenceofadversereactionstoplannedimmunizationwashigherthanthatofHirofubaiHIBvaccin
Inoculation of flu and whooping cough vaccine during pregnancy or harmless to infants
According to a report by the US Scientists on February 21, researchers published a study on more than 400,000 babies in the Journal of Pediatrics, which reported that it is safe for women to get flu a
Guangdong Food and Drug Administration Notice on Vaccine Entrusted Storage and Distribution Information
GuangdongFoodandDrugAdministration notice 2018No.6 Accordingtothe“NoticeoftheNationalHealthandFamilyPlanningCommissionoftheStateFoodandDrugAdministrationonImplementingtheNewAmendmentstotheRegulationso
Notice of the Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration on Vaccine Entrusted Storage and Distribution Information (No. 9
According to the "Notice of the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the Food and Drug Administration on Implementing the New Amendment Regulations on Vaccine Circulation and Vaccination
The 5th "Red May" Table Tennis Competition of Minhai Biology ended successfully in 2018
On June 8, the three-day "Red May" table tennis competition for the 2018 Minhai Life came to a close in the company's multi-purpose hall. The event was organized by the Minhai Biological Trade Union C
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