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BioKangtai’ s COVID-19 Inactivated Vaccine Received Approval for Clinical Trial
BioKangtai signs license agreement with AstraZeneca
Quadruple vaccine is an ideal alternative to Baidubai
WhyisthequadruplevaccineidealforreplacingDPA?Thereasonsareasfollows: First,asshowninthecomparisonofAEFItestdata:TheincidenceofadversereactionstoplannedimmunizationwashigherthanthatofHirofubaiHIBvaccin
Inoculation of flu and whooping cough vaccine during pregnancy or harmless to infants
According to a report by the US Scientists on February 21, researchers published a study on more than 400,000 babies in the Journal of Pediatrics, which reported that it is safe for women to get flu a
Guangdong Food and Drug Administration Notice on Vaccine Entrusted Storage and Distribution Information
GuangdongFoodandDrugAdministration notice 2018No.6 Accordingtothe“NoticeoftheNationalHealthandFamilyPlanningCommissionoftheStateFoodandDrugAdministrationonImplementingtheNewAmendmentstotheRegulationso
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