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Quadruple vaccine is an ideal alternative to Baidubai

Quadruple vaccine is an ideal alternative to Baidubai

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Why is the quadruple vaccine ideal for replacing DPA? The reasons are as follows:
First, as shown in the comparison of AEFI test data: The incidence of adverse reactions to planned immunization was higher than that of Hirofubai HIB vaccine.
The world's only particle size technology used in the second and fourth leagues is more secure.
Effect of Particle Size of Aluminium Hydroxide Adsorbent on Vaccine Antigen and Vaccination Reaction in Pertussis Vaccine
Aluminum hydroxide is the only adjuvant vaccine for human use that is approved by the US FDA. [Function and Use] The production and use of aluminum adjuvant mainly experience two environments. One is the environment for the adsorption of adjuvant to antigen vaccine, and the other is It is the interstitial fluid environment after injection. Among them, the effect of adjuvant on the adsorption of antigen vaccines, aluminum hydroxide mainly depends on electrostatic attraction.
The blue color in the above figure represents the particle size of the traditional aluminum adjuvant, and the red color represents the particle size of the only new technology aluminum adjuvant in the U.S. Git vaccine. The blue dot is the antigen.
[Effects on the amount of antigen] As can be seen from the figure, in the case of an aluminum adjuvant of the same quality, the number of new technical aluminum adsorbent particles is larger, so that more blue antigens are adsorbed, and antigens adsorbed per unit amount of vaccine adjuvant are produced. With more volume, the antibody conversion rate is even higher, giving the child higher quality protection.
【Influence of Protective Effects and Adverse Reactions】 The small diameter of the new technology makes the gap between each particle smaller. After inoculating the human body, the body will form a tight "antigen pool", slowly release the antigen, and fully extend the The time of action of the antigen. At the same time, the smaller gaps between the smaller particle diameters will reduce the exudation of the tissue fluid, thereby reducing the local redness, induration and other adverse reactions.
Third, the antigen extraction method is different, the use of four separate extraction method, the higher the purity of the antigen.
Planned Immunity Against Planned Immunization: Mixed Antigen Extraction Technology: Mix PT and FHA from Culture Solution
Disadvantages: The purity of the antigen is low and it is not easy to control the proportion of antigen. The difference between batches of the product is large.
Quadruple vaccine: Antigen extraction technology: PT and FHA were separately extracted from the culture fluid and then mixed in a certain proportion.
Advantages: The antigen has high purity, can be mixed in proportion, and the antigen content is easy to control.
Fourth, the preparation process is different: As shown in the figure, the quadruple ultrafiltration process is better than the planned immune dialysis process, reducing the operating time, the liquid in a closed environment to avoid exposure, reduce risk, safety Higher sex