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Inoculation of flu and whooping cough vaccine during pregnancy or harmless to infants

Inoculation of flu and whooping cough vaccine during pregnancy or harmless to infants

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According to a report by the US Scientists on February 21, researchers published a study on more than 400,000 babies in the Journal of Pediatrics, which reported that it is safe for women to get flu and whooping cough vaccine during pregnancy. of. Infants born to mothers who were immunized during pregnancy did not exceed the latter in the first six months of life compared with infants born to unvaccinated mothers.
According to reports, Annette Regan, a public health researcher at Curtin University in Australia, told Reuters via e-mail: “The researchers found no evidence that the vaccination during pregnancy caused infants to be born in the first 6 months after birth. The fact that there is serious injury is reassuring. As other studies look at the hospitalization of infants, this is the first study to assess the impact of infant mortality.”
According to reports, public health officials recommend that pregnant women be vaccinated against the flu vaccine and the so-called Tdap (tetanus toxoid, diphtheria-reducing toxoid and acellular pertussis) vaccine. In this study, researchers examined the medical records of 413,000 infants collected from many medical systems. Although more than 25,000 infants were sent to hospitals before 6 months of age and 157 infants died, the researchers found that there was no positive relationship between these incidents and mothers' vaccination.
The researchers wrote in the report: "There is more and more evidence that the vaccinations during pregnancy are long-term harmless to infants, and our research helps to make the evidence more convincing."
According to reports, the researchers did find a link between Tdap vaccine and hospitalization, that is, if their mother did not receive Tdap vaccine during pregnancy, the baby was at greater risk of respiratory problems. Researchers point out that only 3% of infants are hospitalized for whooping cough. They stated in the report: “This may indicate that pertussis infants are not properly diagnosed and tested. Other factors (such as health persistence effects and other differences between those who choose to vaccinate and those who are not vaccinated) may also contribute to this. Find.