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R&D overview
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R & D team:
The company has a R&D team with a strong independent innovation ability led by Academician Hou Yunde. Many of its core technical personnel are responsible for and participate in a number of “863” national key research projects and major special projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and have rich experiences in vaccine industry R&D.
Research institutions:
1. Kangtai Bio: Shenzhen New Vaccine Engineering Laboratory
   Guangdong Provincial Hepatitis B Vaccine Engineering Laboratory
2. Minhai Biological: Key Laboratory of Beijing Research on New Technologies of Combined Vaccines
   New Vaccine Beijing Engineering Laboratory
   Postdoctoral research station
   New vaccine Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base
   Beijing New Joint Vaccine Engineering Technology Research Center
   Academician Expert Workstation
R & D platform:
The company has a technology research and development platform for genetic engineering vaccine technology platform, multi-linked multivalent vaccine technology platform, combined vaccine technology platform, cell serum-free medium adaptation and large-scale culture technology platform, and can be used for genetic engineering vaccines, viral vaccines, bacterial vaccines, Conjugate vaccine